Dualtron X II UP (13″)

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Dualtron X II (Dualtron X 2) is the upgraded 2020 version of the legendary Dualtron X. The X II is currently the most extreme electric scooter and the actual flagship of the Dualtron. With its two massive BLDHC motors delivering an extreme 8300 watts of power and a huge 72V 42 AH battery, the X II will destroy any hill and offers a massive range of up to 150 km.

Mother Nature's growths, potholes and bumps are no challenge for the X II's large 13-inch (!) very wide tires with two hydraulic shock absorbers (one for each wheel). Along with the eventual X II seat, the most comfortable scooter Dualtron has ever built.

Maximum performance, maximum comfort and maximum reliability are the hallmarks of the X II, effectively challenging the perception of how big and powerful an electric scooter can be. This is definitely not your grandma's everyday scooter!

Additional information

Max. Speed

110 km/s

Tyre size

13 inches

Engine power

4150W x2


72V 45Ah

Max Mileage

Up to 150 km


Hydraulic brakes + recuperation

Charging time

22 hours, 2.6 hours with the second charge.


66 kg


130.5cm x 63.2cm x 124cm / 130.5cm x 35cm x 78cm

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Dualtron X II UP (13")


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