Beaster Scooter BS77 Electric scooter

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The Beaster Scooter BS77 is a powerful and very fast electric scooter, suitable for riders who want to experience a real adrenaline rush on the road. This top-of-the-range scooter will surprise you with its robustness, rideability and speed.

Beaster Scooter BS77 is a powerful and very fast electric scooter suitable for riders who want to experience real adrenaline on the road. This high-class scooter will surprise you with its robustness, driving capabilities and speed.
Extremely powerful
BS77 is equipped with 1200W x 2 powerful motors and a 23.4 Ah high-capacity battery (mileage up to 80km), which will allow you to get anywhere without delay. A special button allows you to choose between one or two motors, depending on the speed you want and the distance you want to travel.
Maximum speed – up to 75 km/h
The total power of the scooter is 2400W. The front and rear wheels are equipped with separate motors.

Ability to drive on hilly surfaces


This electric scooter is extremely manoeuvrable, so you can ride it up to 40° without much effort. Shock absorbers provide excellent driving comfort.


Hydraulic brakes
A high-quality and highly reliable hydraulic brake system will help you always feel safe on the road.
Made of durable, high-quality materials
The electric scooter is made of high-quality materials that ensure its durability.


NOTE. The distance travelled by electric scooters depends on the following factors:

1. Driver weight, scooter software settings, scooter tyre air pressure.

2. Battery charge level, battery wear level / residual capacity level - battery characteristics change during operation and are directly dependent on the intensity of use and charging habits.

3. Driving style (sudden acceleration or driving at top speed shortens the distance travelled), road terrain, wind strength and direction, air temperature (as the ambient temperature drops, the technical properties of lithium batteries deteriorate).

ATTENTIONS: When riding an electric scooter, you must always wear safety equipment (helmet, knee and elbow pads) and follow the rules of the road to ensure the safety of pedestrians and other road users.

Additional information

Engine power

2 x 1200W (2400W)



Max. Speed

75 km/h

Max. Mileage

65-80 km

Battery type

Lithium battery

Battery capacity

23.4 Ah

Charging duration

8 - 12h


35 kg

Maximum load

120 kg

Maximum slope


Tyre size

10 inches

Tyre Type


Speed level options

15 / 25 / 75 km/h


Front and rear damping


Hydraulic brakes


LCD display

Cruise Control



Front and rear lamp

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Beaster Scooter BS77 Electric scooter

1,350.001,650.00 (-18%)

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