Have you ever tried to pay for a purchase in installments?

Don't postpone the purchase, get the goods on lease right away and pay in installments later!

In cooperation with Inbank, we offer a great opportunity to turn large, one-time expenses into small monthly expenses.

How to buy goods for leasing on the mi-lab.lv website?

Put the product
in the shopping cart

At the payment method
choose Inbank leasing

Sign the contract

Receive your purchase

Leasing conditions

Term of lease
6-72 months

Amount of
100 – 10 000 €

Early repayment in full amount is made
free of charge

Do the first one
contribution, if any

Conditions for purchasing a product on lease

  • The client is not younger than for 18 years
  • The monthly income is at least 260 EUR after tax
  • Positive credit history
  • The leasing amount is determined according to the borrower's income and the amount of existing obligations
  • For purchases over 1400 EUR - the first deposit is mandatory 10%


We will be happy to answer all your questions related to leasing!

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Reg. no. 40103821436

+371 66 939 000

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