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Why choose "MI LAB" service for your electric vehicle:

    • Easy and fast registration;
    • Scooter delivery service by courier;
    • 7 years of specialized experience in the electric transport segment;
    • Competences and knowledge are constantly updated;
    • Loyalty program and discounts;
    • The ability to see the progress of the work after entering the self-service program;
    • Service history of your vehicle;
    • We value your time and resources, so we always have basic information ready in the service;
    • Work quality and guarantee;
    • We inform you about the completion of repair work by phone or e-mail. by mail;
    • Flexible payment: bank card, cash, transfer, courier.

Prices for repair services

Tires / Tubes / Rims

11-13′ wheel tire/tube change – €25.00
8-10′ tire/tube change (without engine) – €20.00
8-10′ tire/tube change (with motor) – €25.00
Change of engine wheel bearings – €30.00
Replacement of passive wheel bearings – €20.00
Rim change (without tire installation) – €10.00
Engine change (without tire installation) – €25.00-€50.00
Changing a solid tire – €30.00
Unicycle tire/tube change - from €40.00

Braking system

Changing the brake handle – €15.00
Brake disc replacement (wheel without a motor or if the motor cable does not prevent removing the disc) – 15.00€
Change of brake disc (wheel with motor or if the motor cable does not allow removing the disc) – 25.00€
Brake disc straightening – €5.00
Drum brake replacement – €25.00
Adjustment of brake pads/carriers (mechanical and hydraulic) – €10.00
Change of brake pads/pads + brake adjustment – €15.00
Replacement of hydraulic brake pads + bleeding + adjustment (mineral or DOT4 fluid) – €30.00
Replacement of hydraulic brake pads without bleeding valve + bleeding + adjustment (mineral or DOT4 liquid) – 40€
Replacement of brake lights* – from €15
Brake cable replacement* – from €15.00
Hydraulic brake system installation* – from €70.00
Change of brake calipers* from €15.00

Steering/folding mechanism

Pushing out and pressing/replacing the pin of the collapsible mechanism – €20.00
Steering column bearing cleaning, lubrication, change* – from €30.00
Folding mechanism change* – from €25.00
Steering wheel or folding mechanism cleaning/adjustment* – from €15.00
Folding mechanism hook / replacement (Xiaomi) – €20.00


Changing the brake lever – €15.00
Changing the accelerator button – €15.00
Lamp replacement* – from €15.00
Screen replacement (displays)* – from €15.00
Replacement of motor Holo modules/sensors* from €40.00 to €70.00
Change of controller/controller (motherboard)* – from €30.00
Replacement/repair of electrical outlet/charging connector – €15.00
Engine change (without tire installation)* – from €25.00
Engine change (without tire installation)* from €15.00
Replacement of damaged motor cable* – from €70.00
cable/s replacement* – from €20.00
Jungties keitima case/decoration* from €20.00
Light module replacement – €25.00 Side LED lighting replacement* – from €15.00
Installation of a non-original or other controller and display* – from €90.00
Speed limiter installation/removal - from €30 to €80
Alarm installation/installation* – from €25.00
Change of lighting using non-original parts* from €25.00
GPS installation and configuration – €35.00
Changing/resetting display/screen settings* – from €20.00
Varnishing / sealing / waterproofing of electric components of the scooter (buttons, lights, controls, connectors inside) – 100€
Varnishing of scooter engine parts / body sealing / waterproofing against moisture – €40.00
Changing the light/signal/driving mode switch* – from €15.00


Battery check/troubleshooting (without repair) – €35.00
Balancing of battery cells (depending on the level of imbalance)* – from €50.00
Battery test with load + report (capacity determination)* – from €35.00
Replacement/repair of battery BMS boards – €45.00
Repair/replacement of electrical outlet/charging connector – from €15.00
Charger socket connector repair/replacement – €10.00
Battery repair/element exchange* – from €75.00
Changing the battery for a new one - €35.00


Shock absorber replacement* – from €25.00
Fork exchange* – from €35.00
Inserting a shock absorber in front (Xiaomi, Ninebot) – €35.00
Inserting a shock absorber at the back (Xiaomi, Ninebot) – €45.00

Replacement of body parts

Replacing the front mudguard – €10.00
Replacement of the rear mud guard without a bulb - €10.00
Changing the rear mudguard with light* – from €15.00
Standard leg installation* – from €5.00
Installation of a non-standard foot* – from €20.00
Changing the mechanical bell – €15.00
Steering rod/steering wheel replacement* – from €40.00
Deck / hull change* – from €90.00
Shock absorber installation (custom model) – €25.00
Sealing/waterproofing of the hull/deck and outgoing cable holes against moisture – €40.00
Renewal of decking/hull sealant/waterproofing – €25.00
Replacement of rubber knobs – €5.00

How are electric scooters repaired?

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Electric Scooter Diagnostic Process – Our expert team offers thorough and efficient e-scooter diagnostics to identify any operational or performance issues. This process includes:

  1. Initial inspection: We start with a comprehensive inspection to identify potential problems and assess the overall condition.

  2. Testing of electronic systems: Our technicians use specialized tools to test and diagnose electronic systems, providing a complete view of the operation of electrical components.

  3. Mechanical inspection: We perform a thorough mechanical inspection to identify and assess any signs of physical damage and imperfections.

  4. Inspection of parts: We check all important components, such as brakes, drive system and other important elements.

  5. Detailed report and consultation: After the diagnostic process, we provide a detailed report on the problems found and recommend the necessary repair or improvement measures.

Trust us with your electric scooter, and we'll provide high-quality diagnostics and repairs to get your scooter back to full working order!

repair of electric scooters

Part replacement/repair

When the problematic part(s) are found, we try to fix it using the tools and spare parts available. 

In almost all cases, repairing a part will be cheaper than buying a new part.

If the part cannot be repaired, we will buy a completely new original version of the part or a cheaper alternative.


Electric Scooter Repair Process – Our skilled technicians offer a professional electric scooter repair service that involves a thorough and efficient process. Repair stages include:

  1. Diagnostics and problem identification: We start with a thorough diagnosis to identify all defects and problems in the operation of the scooter.

  2. Replacement or repair of parts: After identifying the problems, we make the necessary repairs or replace damaged or worn parts to restore the scooter.

  3. Repair of electronic components: If necessary, we specialize in repairing electronic components to ensure proper operation and performance.

  4. Software update: We check and update the necessary software for the scooter to ensure optimal operation.

  5. Inspection and quality control: Before returning the scooter to the customer, we carefully inspect the scooter to ensure the quality of the repair and full functionality.

  6. Consultation and recommendations: We provide the customer with detailed information about the repair and provide recommendations for proper maintenance and use of the scooter.

Trust us with your electric scooter to enjoy a professional repair and get your scooter back to full working order!

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