Electric scooter tyre service in Riga

One of the more affordable, professional repair services

How to determine whether
Need tyre repairs?

The problem with the camera occurs unexpectedly and, as a rule, in motion. You can tell something is wrong when:

  • you feel that the scooter has become difficult to ride;
  • a pre-inflated tyre deflates quickly.

It is strongly advised not to ride a scooter with this problem. If you ignore this advice, there is a risk of disc deformation or fracture.

Why was there a problem?

There are many reasons why tyre repairs are needed. To better understand what you did wrong, here are the most common causes of problems:

  • aggressive driving;
  • driving on poor road surfaces;
  • hit with stones or sharp objects
  • non-compliance with maximum weight limits, overloading;
  • a low-quality camera is installed.

How do I replace the wheel tube on my scooter?

The solution is one of the simplest and fastest in terms of service.

By installing a new camera, the customer solves the problem of getting around the city. In special cases where the scooter owner does not have the budget to buy a new one, a patch can be installed. However, this solution will be temporary.

How to avoid problems in the future?

Like everything an electric scooter is made of, the camera is very fragile. Despite the fact that it can withstand overloads in the 70-80 kg range, proper handling and care for its integrity will only be a plus for the scooter owner. For this purpose it is recommended:

  • monitor the air pressure in the chamber;
  • Drive in a careful, non-aggressive manner;
  • choose the smoothest sections of road;
  • avoid sharp objects and do not run over rocks;
  • do not drive over the kerb with your front wheel.

E-scooter performance

Respect for your scooter is not the only way to extend its trouble-free life.

Periodic visits to the service centre will allow you to identify potential problems in good time and saves the owner from high costs if they suddenly appear.

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