Electric scooter electronics repair in Riga

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Why isn't the electric scooter working?

The causes of electric scooter fractures can be roughly divided into two types of hazards.
  1. Firstly, the factory breaks down, so it is preferable initially to choose transport only from tried and trusted suppliers.

  2. The second threat is abuse.

Other reasons for your
damage to the e-scooter

  • Insufficient or irregular charging;
  • Extraordinary off-road rides, water races through puddles and mud;
  • Falls, collisions with kerbs and other obstacles

This is only an incomplete list of the incidents that our technicians have encountered while repairing the device.

Electric scooter board malfunction

As for the main control point, the electric scooter's circuit board or controller, failure can occur not only through careless handling, but also due to short-circuiting of the contacts when moisture gets inside the casing.

Signs of controller malfunction:

- Problems switching the device on/off.
- Error on display, audible alarm.
- difficulty driving, turning and braking.
- The device is not working properly (only one wheel, brakes not working, etc.).

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